We are heartbroken to announce that we are closing Run 816. We have tried to be different, unconventional, and fiercely independent, but it wasn’t enough. We focused hard on customer experience and product knowledge, but it wasn’t enough. We believed that if you are good and do good that everything will work out, but that also wasn’t enough.

We need your help as we work through this process.  Please come in and see us. Run with us on Sunday mornings and hang out for a beer or coffee after. Continue to be the wonderful running community that we know you are. ​Please see our Contact Us section for updates store policies.

Your last day to shop will be Sunday, January 19th.

4. discussion


How long has it been since you've had your foot measured? If you're like most people we see, it's been a while! 

We'll discuss what the video shows and have a conversation about your needs. What will you be using the shoe for? Any injuries we need to know about? etc.... This will help us determine which shoes should work best for you. 

complimentary gait analysis and shoe fitting at every visit

3. gait analysis on the treadmill

2. Arches

You'll jog at an easy pace for 15-20 seconds while we record it. We'll review and analyze the video to get a clear picture of how your body moves. 

You'll stand on a heat sensitive foot disc so we can get an accurate picture of your arch type: high, medium, low, flat. 

1. good ol' fashioned foot measure